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Step Survey 2022-2023 Are to Conduct

Because it’s time to measure the trend of the burden of NCDs and to monitor progress in the control of NCDs for 5 years implementation, PMD organized 1 full day meeting on 30th, March 2023 at Sourkea restaurant in Phnom Penh with supported funds from WHO. The purpose of the meeting is to review on the Khmer translation of the STEP survey for 2022-2023. The meeting precisely with Dr. Kol Hero, director of PMD, representative of Dr. Khim SamAth, WHO, survey team from NIPH, NCHP, MoH. This meeting also involved with MoPoStyo, LC, HACC/CNCDA. This STEP survey will focus on the age group from 18-69 yrs old.

The STEP survey 2022-2023 is going to conduct at the field in provinces from May-July and hope to publish the results by end of Dec 2023.

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