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CSOs Meet to Discuss about NCDs

Updated: Mar 16

On 15th, March 2024, CHAI organized an informal meeting with CSOs who actively working in NCDs sector at CHAI office. The meeting precisely with HACC/CNCDA, Heart2Heart, MopoStyo Patient Information Center, KHANA-NCDI, and KOFIH. This meeting were to:


  1. Brief about the overview of the outcome of MoH Annual NCD meeting

  2. Brief about the outline of each organization's plan for supporting MoH in providing NCD services in 2024.

  3. Discussion main opportunities for collaborative support in 2024

  4. Discussion challenges experienced by various organizations in the provision of support with join brainstorming.  

The group will regularly conduct meetings for sharing and updates on NCDs activities, especially working on planning after the STEP survey 2023 rolls out. Therefore, the next meeting is expected to be held after Khmer New Year and will be informed through the platform of Telegram (CSO WG NCDs).  

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