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Bring together our members to promote the Cambodian NCD Alliance agenda and build consensus for priority actions


Until now there has not been a strong national NCD movement in Cambodia, despite the major burden of NCDs in the country. In recent years a small group of civil society organisations and development partners have come together to exchange updates and information on NCDs. Attention now needs to be on building a stronger, bolder movement with new strategic relationships with stakeholders beyond the health sector.

We will provide opportunities for members and the wider network to come together, to build consensus and shape a clear set of priorities which can build momentum and bring about change. We will create opportunities for knowledge exchange and pooling skills and resources to build the capacity of the CNCDA and find ways to facilitate the meaningful involvement of people affected by NCDs.

The CNCDA can also contribute to multisectoral action by providing technical expertise to government agencies responsible for implementing the National Multisectoral Action Plan on the Prevention and Control of NCDs (2018-2027).

Building a diverse alliance, engaging stakeholders across a range of sectors and disciplines relevant to NCD prevention and control and engaging those affected by, and living with NCDs, will be key to the success of the CNCDA.


Provide opportunities for collaboration on NCD prevention and control among the Cambodian NCD Alliance network and bring our members together to build consensus and agree on a common agenda. 

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