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Call for greater political support and investment to generate momentum for NCD prevention and control

At the national level in Cambodia there is no cohesive and coordinated approach to advocacy for the prevention and control of NCDs. We hope to change this by building a strategic alliance, strengthening the engagement of civil society and a broader group of stakeholders, especially people living with, and affected by NCDs.

Re-framing NCDs in our advocacy work as a social, economic, development and human rights issue will be important to stimulate a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach. This could also increase opportunities for greater investment.    


NCD alliances can be powerful advocates for change. We will work together to create targeted advocacy strategies in line with each annual Action Plan. Together, these will aim to stimulate action and ensure NCDs remain a political priority.

There have been a lack of NCD champions from communities, culture and politics. We know champions are important for raising awareness, motivating investment, and inspiring political action. Fostering NCD champions will be a critical part of our strategy to raise awareness and ensure NCDs are elevated in national political processes.


Develop and implement advocacy strategies to build political momentum, support for multisectoral action and put NCDs at the heart of national health and development planning.  

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