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Share knowledge, ideas, evidence and expertise to build strong foundations for action

The leading cause of death in Cambodia is NCDs. Nonetheless, NCDs are still not prioritised. Investment in policies and programs is disproportionate to the burden of disease and there is insufficient surveillance and data suggesting that the scale of the crisis is underestimated.

Additionally, there have been few opportunities to share and exchange knowledge and evidence about NCDs have been limited. 

We aim to change this. The Cambodian NCD Alliance plans to change this by creating space for members to meet to exchange information, knowledge and skills. Using a variety of communication platforms to disseminate information and evidence, to both the general population and decision-makers, will also important for promoting a greater understanding and awareness of NCDs.

Right now, awareness of the NCD epidemic is growing, and there are signs of a gradual shift to more of a whole-of-government approach. We will help accelerate this process by assembling crucial evidence in a timely and compelling manner. By doing this, we can help close the gap between knowledge and action.


Provide opportunities for CNCDA members and our wider network to share knowledge and skills relevant to NCD prevention and control and provide policymakers with evidence-based policy recommendations.

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