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Resources on NCDs & COVID-19 

The Cambodian NCD Alliance is one of 20 civil society alliances from around the world to be awarded a grant by the Civil Society Solidarity Fund on NCDs and COVID-19. The grant supported a 6-month project implemented by the CNCDA to highlight the needs of people living with NCDs during COVID-19 via advocacy and communication activities.

The following resources - personal stories, film, infographics, policy briefs, webinar and presentations - draw attention to the specific experiences and vulnerabilities of people living with NCDs in Cambodia and can be used to promote and champion the inclusion of NCDs in public health preparedness and health system strengthening as part of the COVID-19 response.

Watch our film: How COVID-19 impacts people living with NCDs in Cambodia

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Learn how people living with NCDs have been impacted during the COVID-19.

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This page includes our two latest policy briefs related to NCDs and COVID-19 with the most recent drawing on the experiences of PLWNCDs since COVID-19. 

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The CNCDA have produced a number of infographics and social media graphics highlighting the issues faced by PLWNCDs and potential solutions. 

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This CNCDA webinar was organized to provide a platform to exchange information and learning about initiatives to strengthen the response to COVID-19 and NCDs.

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