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Discussion on the Final Draft of the Cambodia 2023 NCD Risk Factors Step Survey

On January 31, 2024, Mr. Tim Vora, Executive Director of HACC, attended the consultative meeting on the final draft report of the STEPwise approach to surveillance of NCD risk factors 2023 in Cambodia. The meeting was hosted by the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health at Himawari hotel, with technical and financial support from WHO. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Phy Maly, Deputy Director of the Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health, Dr. Nargiza Khodjaeva, team leader for NCDs and Health and Mr. Tim Vora, and with the number of participants from key Departments of the Ministry of Health and key NGOs working in NCD related issues. The meeting aims to review and provide final comments on the final draft report of the 2023 STEPwise approach to surveillance of NCD risk factors in Cambodia, produced by consultants and commented by the members at the meeting.

Addressed in the opening remarks, Mr. Tim Vora expressed his sincere thanks to all members who have contributed their time to review and comment on the report. In addition, this report is very important information about the risk factors and the trend related to NCD in Cambodia.

The report should be widely disseminated to all key stakeholders, especially NGOs sector. NGOs sector plays a very critical role in disseminating information to community members as well as mobilizing key stakeholders to address those relevant issues.

At the meeting, all participants were assigned to three groups to review and comment on the final draft. The final product would be endorsed by the Ministry of Health and would be officially launched in April before Khmer New Year.


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