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Tackling NCDs in Cambodia: Official launch of Cambodian NCD Alliance

Breakout group at the Cambodian NCD Alliance launch workshop

The Cambodian NCD Alliance officially launched on 28 March 2019 in Phnom Penh with support from P4H and GIZ. High-level representatives from the Ministry of Health and the National Aids Authority participated in the official launch, alongside the founding members and around 80 participants representing civil society, development partners, UN agencies, people living with NCDs, the private sector, medical associations, and academic institutions.

During her opening speech Her Excellency Dr. Or Vandine, Secretary of State from the Ministry of Health expressed concern for the amount of people suffering from NCDs in Cambodia and noted that collectively, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are the biggest cause of death in Cambodia. “The establishment of the Cambodian NCD Alliance is an important opportunity to develop a common agenda and build consensus for action.”

NCDs account for more than 64 percent of all deaths in Cambodia. Economic growth has been impressive, but development has been accompanied by urbanisation, air pollution, dietary change, an ageing population and sedentary lifestyles. Together, these factors have led to a sharp and dangerous increase in NCDs, particularly diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

The cost to people’s health and the strain that chronic conditions place, on both the economy and households, is severe and yet the response does not match the burden. It was this disproportionate response that was the catalyst for action by the four founding members of the Cambodian NCD Alliance (CNCDA): MoPoTsyo, Louvain Cooperation, GIZ - the German development agency, and WHO.

The purpose of the CNCDA is to contribute to reducing the negative impact of NCDs on the health and wellbeing of the Cambodian population, including the societal and economic costs, by advocating for increased multisectoral action on NCDs and political and financial commitment from the highest levels of government.

Participants at the official launch of the Cambodian NCD Alliance

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