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Workshop on Children's Health and Environment

With funding from UNICEF, the Environment and Health Working Group held a one-day workshop on children's health and the environment on 9 June 2023. The workshop was held at Mekong View I Hotel, Phnom Penh. The workshop was participated by H.E Ung Phyrun, secretary of state of MoH, Dr. Kol Hero, director of Preventive Medicine department, representative of UNICEF, CSOs and related ministries.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and gather input on children’s health and environment related to heavy metals. One among 5 metal elements, the study found out that they have huge impact to children’s health. The 5 elements are 1) climate change, 2) toxic metals, toxic chemicals, 4) hazardous waste and 5) environmental risks.

In the next step of these deliverables, UNICEF will finalize and prepare training materials for advertising and advocacy in collaboration with PMD. UNICEF will work with social media, television channels, print IEC, and with target communities and beneficiaries to promote the materials.

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