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TWG Meeting on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxation organized by Preventive Medicines Department

With fund supports from WHO, Preventive Medicines Department (PMD)-MoH organized 2 days meeting on Sugar Sweetened Beverage Taxation 22-23 December, Mekong View Tower. In the TWG of Environment and Health, There were Dr. Kol Hero, director of PMD, ministry of health, Dr. Nargiza Khodjaeva, team leader for NCDs and Health through the life course, WHO Cambodia. H.E Ung Phyrum, Secretary of State, Ministry of health, including ministry of information, ministry of Justice, other ministries who is a member of TWG for Environment and Health as well as stakeholders.

Our two days purpose is to 1) look at Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxation (SSB) and establishing the core technical working group, 2) conducting a situational analysis and tax design. WHO also first created manual on SBB taxation policies in order to promote healthy diets, too.

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