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Tobacco Tax Forum

In collaboration with Health Action Coordinating Committee (HACC), Cambodia Movement for Health (CMH) organized the half day forum on tobacco taxation on 01st June 2023 from 1:30 – 5:00 pm at Sunway hotel in Phnom Penh. The Forum has participated by honorable guests from Ministry Economic and Finance, representative of WHO, CSOs working in health sectors, NGO forum’s members, CCC’s members and representatives of communities.

The purpose of forum were to: 1) disseminate new study results on the burden of tobacco use on health and economy, 2) learn about tobacco tax measures, tobacco tax rates and other relevant regional and global information, 3) study on the implementation of tobacco tax measure in ASEAN country and 4) support to increasing of tobacco taxation in order to get tax revenue and health benefits. Journalists and reporters were also participated in the forum.

The forum agreed on two recommendations to save lives, reduce health care expenditure and boost economic growth. The two recommendations are:

1. Non-government organizations support the Ministry of Economic and Finance in tobacco tax reform.

2. Increasing tax of 500 KHR per cigarette pack is appropriate for Cambodia current situation.

According to WHO, the tax increase of 500 KHR/Pack would raise the price of cigarettes by 15% and reduce number of smokers by 30,000 in the next year. Tobacco tax revenue will also increase by approximately $53 million.

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