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The Half Day Meeting with PLWNCD at Chhbar Ampov Referral Hospital, Phnom Penh

By winning the award of Global Week Action on NCDs, on 17th, February 2023, Cambodian NCD Alliance (CNCDA)/Health Action Coordinating Committee (HACC) organized half morning day meeting with PLWNCDs at referral hospital of Chhbar Ampov, in Phnom Penh. This meeting precise with honorable guest Dr. Kol Hero, director of Preventive Medicines Department, MoH; Dr. Khim Sam Ath, Technical Officer- NCDs and Health Promotion through the life Course (NHL, WHO. The presence of Mr. Tim Vora, Executive Director of HACC/CNCDA, chief of Chhbar Ampov referral hospital, Dr Oum Sokha; and Mr. Lim Sophorn, Networking Coordinator (HACC). There were 27 participants (13 females) including participants (22 patients) who living with disease for diabetes and high blood pressure.

The purpose of half day meeting was to provide, remind by sharing the key messages for prevention and control of NCDs and hear a concern of PLWNCDs who has been receiving the treatment services on diabetes and high blood pressure from RH hospital. The shared messages for NCDs delivered by chief of RH hospital at Chhbar Ampov, Mr Tim Vora, representative of WHO, and director of PMD, MoH. The key messages focused on what is NCDs; when does NCDs begin; why do NCDs remain in our life; Is there any prevention, control of the diseases; where do we get treatment when there is NCDs within us…ect. By end of the meeting, CNCDA/HACC has provided a packages to 22 patients that each one will get stuff, 20 kg sack of rice, a bottle of oil, box of noodles, 0.50 ml of alcohol, a pack of mask and 10 units of fish can.

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