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Launch of FCTC Investment Case

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

UNDP presenting the findings at the launch of the FCTC Investment Case

The findings of the Cambodia FCTC Investment Case were presented to the Government of Cambodia in Phnom Penh on 4 July 2019 by a United Nations-led international team comprised of the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Health Organization (WHO), and RTI International. The study was conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

As a key risk factor for cancers, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease, tobacco consumption is a major public health treat in Cambodia. Tobacco-related illnesses claimed about 15,000 lives a year in Cambodia, costing the economy US$ 657 million, or three percent of the Cambodia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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