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Member workshop: mapping the path forward

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

18 February, 2020, Phnom Penh

The task before us was one of our most important to date: to bring together key actors from across the country to agree on how the Alliance could play a critical role in Cambodia's NCD response.

Around the table were representatives from government, UN agencies and NGOs as we met for a full day workshop to deep dive into the Strategic Plan 2020-2023, develop the 2020 Action Plan and map out potential resource mobilisation opportunities.

It was also an opportunity to reconnect and build stronger relationships with each other and exchange information about key developments.

Finding a common purpose and working collaboratively is critical for the Alliance to work well. Our facilitator led an activity which got us thinking about what connected each of us. Each of our members had to think of statement that was true for someone else in the Alliance and for each statement that was true new connections were made until all the members were linked together in a circle.

Cambodian NCD Alliance members

It was a dynamic and lively workshop and by the end of the day we had reached consensus on some key priorities for 2020 which will form the basis of the 2020 Action Plan. Our members also provided valuable feedback on the outcomes under each of the CNCDA's 3-year strategic pillars - advocate, exchange knowledge and collaborate - which form the foundations to the CNCDA Strategic Plan.

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